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How Parents Can Deal With Report Cards Positively

Progress reports and report cards can cause students to become quite stressed because not only do these reflect how they're doing in a class, they most likely also have to show these to their parents. Help your child develop a healthier relationship with their report cards with these tips.

Open up Communication

If you're waiting until your child takes home a report card to really pay attention to how they're doing, it may be too late. Instead, open up a dialogue at home with your child about grades, progress, and school struggles. Allow them to speak freely and really listen to what they're communicating. Your child will be less afraid to tell you when they're struggling and need help. This will allow you to get help when your child needs it instead of waiting for the teacher to tell you.

Look for Help

If you notice your child is struggling in a class, don't wait until they've fallen behind to get help. Communicate with your child's teacher and ask what you can do at home to help. You may also want to consider additional resources, such as after-school tutoring.

Maintain a Positive Outlook

When your child takes home a report card, avoid focusing all of your attention on their least favorable assessments. Offer your child recognition where they did well and ask what could have helped them do better in the other areas. Your child shouldn't see their report card as an endpoint but rather a jumping off point. Use these assessments to create a plan for the future that both you and your child can commit to.

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