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No More Procrastinating on School Work

We previously discussed the importance of getting rid of bad learning habits in order to perform better this school year. One of the bad habits that were found to be most predominant in students is the tendency to procrastinate. That is why today we want to share some quick but helpful tips to encourage your child to get things done sooner rather than later and avoid procrastinating.

Using To-do Lists and Agendas to Help Avoid Procrastination

  • To-do lists. To-do lists are a simpler and easier way to get started with visualizing the pending tasks and assignments that students have. These work great as a daily check up of what a student needs to complete. Students also benefit greatly from the satisfaction of crossing off completed tasks. There is something quite satisfying about checking off something or crossing it off.
  • Agendas. For older students that have more classes or assignments scheduled throughout the week or month, an agenda with a calendar may be ideal so that they can visualize what tasks need to get done as well as when they need to be completed and turned in.
  • Monthly calendars. When using a calendar, it is easy to make the mistake of just writing down everything on the due date. However, this can lead to procrastination because it is easy for students to overlook it and end up doing it the day before or even the same day it is due. Instead, help your child schedule their work ahead of time. Students should focus on writing each task down on the date they need to get started and schedule the finish date at least a day before the due date so that they have everything done on time.

Get Rid of Bad Study Skills and Procrastination with Tutoring in Hoover, AL

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