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Make Homework Time a Breeze

Getting homework done can turn into a real struggle. In fact, many students can struggle with simply getting started. If this sounds like something you deal with almost daily, use these tips to make homework time easier.

Create a Homework Space

Having a designated homework space can make getting homework done easier. Find a well-lit space in your home that doesn't get too much foot traffic and turn it into a study space where your child can get their work done with minimal distractions. Provide them with a desk, a comfortable chair, and all the supplies they need to get their work done. Be sure to keep distracting electronics out of reach until they finish their work.

Establish a Homework Routine

Your child may try to put off doing their homework for as long as possible. This can lead to them rushing to get it done late in the day and even cutting into their sleep time. To prevent this from happening, schedule daily homework time. Their homework time should start at the same time every day so that they get used to having a set routine. Ideally, this should be before dinner time so that they have the rest of the evening to relax.

Be Patient

Homework can be challenging, so do your best to be helpful and patient when your child is having a hard time. If they ask for help, do your best to be supportive without doing the work for them. Work out the problems together, but make sure your child is the one doing the work and learning.

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