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A Thrilling Summer Activity That Will Get Your Child Thinking

Contrary to what many believe, educational activities are not necessarily boring or mentally exhausting. Rather, they can be incredibly fun and very stimulating for your child's mind. Today we want to share a summer activity that will get them thinking while they cool off and enjoy the summer weather.

Reinforce Math With a Water Balloon Fight

Ask your child to fill up balloons with water and place them in a bucket. Have them remember the total of balloons they filled.  Start throwing the balloons around and ask them to keep track of the balloons they throw while having a water balloon fight. Randomly stop in the middle of the game and ask them to calculate how many they have left in their bucket (without counting them). If their calculations are correct  you have to stand in front of them and they get to directly throw a water balloon at you. This is a great incentive for many kids. Keeping track of the balloons they throw and using that number to subtract it from the total of balloons they filled up is a great way to practice their math facts and working memory skills.

Summer Fun With Tutoring in Hoover

This summer, make it a point to have fun with your child. With tutoring, your child will see that they can learn while having fun all summer long.  Contact The Tutoring Center, Hoover AL at (205) 987-9577 and ask about our summer activities.


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