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 An Introduction to Nouns by The Tutoring Center in Hoover

It is important to start with basic foundations that will facilitate the understanding and learning of more advanced grammar concepts. Since learning about parts of speech is one of the fundamental foundations of English grammar, it is important that students fully understand each concept. That is why today at The Tutoring Center in Hoover we want to explain some of the several different types of nouns.

What Is a Noun?

A noun is a person, animal, place, thing, idea, or event. There are different types of nouns. Proper and common nouns are usually the most typical types of nouns we encounter, but there are also other types such as collective nouns, count nouns, and non-count nouns, as well as concrete and abstract nouns.

The Most Common Types of Nouns

  • Proper nouns. A proper noun is the actual name of a person, place or thing.  It is easy to detect a proper noun because it will always have a capital letter. Some examples are Schurr High School, Ford Fiesta, Frank Joaquin.  As you can see a proper noun refers to a specific place, thing or person by their ¨proper¨ name.
  • Common nouns. Common nouns are the general names used instead of their specific name. For example, school, car, and man.

Tutoring in Hoover Can Help Your Child Do Better in Grammar and All Other School Subjects

There are many rules when it comes to English grammar and fully understanding the concepts can be a bit challenging for many students. Tutoring helps them better understand these concepts and makes it easier to learn proper grammar. Call The Tutoring Center in Hoover at (205) 987-9577 and help your child excel in grammar and all other school subjects.


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