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Identify Your Child's Distractors

Many students struggle to keep their attention on their homework or study material. While this isn't uncommon, it can turn into a serious time waster. To help your child make the most of their study time, help them remove their biggest distractors.

External Learning Distractions

External learning distractions are generally easier to catch and remove. Since these exist outside of your child's body, they are easier to see. Many times, these distractors are physical objects. For example, your child's cellphone, their laptop, or even a toy. When they're physical objects, they're easy to pick up and remove from your child's study area. Other external distractors to consider include noise and people. Do your best to keep noise to a minimum during your child's study hours and keep foot traffic out of their study space.

Internal Learning Distractions

Internal learning distractions are harder to identify because they tend to live in your child's head. If they won't admit that anything is bothering them, it can be even harder to deal with them. Some common internal distractors include stress, worry, and self-doubt. If your child is stressed and worried about personal problems, it's no surprise that these can absorb all of their attention when trying to study for an exam. To help your child, sit down and talk about what's bothering them. Sometimes all a student needs is an outlet and some encouraging words. If they don't want to talk to you about their issues, look for some outside help.

After School Tutoring in Hoover, AL,

If your child needs additional help completing their homework or preparing for exams, tutoring in Hoover can help. Get in contact with  The Tutoring Center, Hoover AL. They offer a number of academic programs that can help your child reach success. Give them a call at (205) 987-9577 to learn more.


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