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Learning basic math is something everybody needs to learn in order to get by in everyday life. For some people, the ability to understand the concepts of mathematics comes relatively easy. For many, it can seem like trying to learn an entirely new language. Fortunately, there are ways to help struggling students master the basics of math. It can take time, attention, and a good amount of patience but many private tutoring services in Hoover have programs designed to help.

One thing that goes a long way in the early learning process is doing everyday math out loud and explaining it step by step. Doing addition and subtraction verbally while grocery shopping, cooking, and doing basic finances are all great ways to practice everyday math and allow children to conceptualize the meaning of numbers. Avoid complication by using only whole numbers at the beginning. Eventually, build up to decimals and fractions.

Once they understand addition and subtraction introduce the idea of multiplication. Practice using multiplication tables for the smaller numbers. Once your student can prove they understand how multiplication works and not just the correct number to the times-tables, move to long multiplication. Be sure to encourage your student to write neatly, as many math mistakes are a result of sloppy writing. When you think your student is ready, introduce division, explaining it as the reverse of multiplication. As always start small and work into long division. After they understand the concepts of how addition, subtraction, multiplication and division are completed, the next step is all repetition. Using flashcards and different colors can be incredibly helpful for many students. 

Math builds off of previous knowledge so be sure to correct mistakes immediately through the process of mastering these basics. Remember to start simple and don’t try to accomplish too much all at once or it will be overwhelming and non-beneficial. Throughout the entire process it is important to practice a lot. Using a specially designed program at a tutoring center helps provide outside help and at the same time promote practicing. For more information about specially designed math and other academic programs in Hoover, AL contact The Tutoring Center of Hoover at (205) 987-9577.


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