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Fun Ways to Keep Learning This Winter Break

Winter break is arriving and that means two things: more free time for kids and lower temperatures. These two things don't always make a good combination, but it doesn't have to be an issue this year. The following tips will allow your child to learn and have fun at home on days when the weather isn't ideal for outdoor activities. Since the cold can be a barrier to outdoor activities, it can be a bit more challenging to keep children busy indoors. For this reason, we thought it would be nice to share some fun and interesting ways to help your child learn and enjoy themselves indoors.

How to Keep Your Child Learning and Having Fun This Winter Break

  • Reading. On cold nights, turn on the chimney if you have one and read stories out loud. Try to make it a cozy family time where you can share the love of reading and transmit it to your child. You can even make hot cocoa and snuggle with blankets as a family. This is a great way to encourage reading and can turn into an unforgettable winter family tradition
  • Writing. This season is perfect for your child to practice their writing skills. Buy cute stationary, colored pens, and stickers and ask your child to make their own holiday cards and thank you notes. Then, have them write personalized messages on them for friends and family.
  • Math and science. Most board games encourage math skills improvement and are a great way to have fun this season. You can also look up fun science experiments and learn about the winter weather with your child. For more ideas on ways to help your child have a more productive winter break read this post. 

Don't Let Your Child Fall Behind This Winter Break, Get the Best Tutoring in Hoover, AL

There are several winter programs that you can take advantage of. Tutoring is a great way help your child stay sharp on what they've learned so far this year and can even allow them to get ahead. Contact The Tutoring Center, Hoover AL today at (205)987-9577.


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