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How to Deal With a Low Test Score

Most students will at lease get one disappointing test score during their academic career. Even though this is not the end of the world, it can feel like it for them. To help your child bounce back after a low test score, use these tips.

Figure out the Cause Behind It

When your child comes home with a low test score, your first reaction shouldn't be to reprimand them. They're likely already feeling down and disappointed themselves, so instead focus on getting to the root cause of it. If your child didn't study for the test, now you both know how important it is to study for the next one. If they know the material but made tiny mistakes that cost them, they'll be more careful the next time around. If they get test-taking anxiety, look for ways to combat this.

Create a Plan

Once you know what led your child to a low test score, create a plan to prevent this from happening again. Of course, your plan will depend on the cause of the score. For example, if your child needs to study struggle areas more before their next test, create a study plan that is targeted. This will ensure they study the right things and are better prepared for their next exam.

Keep Confidence Up

It can be hard for a child to feel good about themselves after a low grade, so don't let them give up. Remind your child that this is one score in an entire semester, so they can definitely still raise their overall grade. With a plan for the future, they'll be able to stay positive and keep their effort up.

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