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Why You Should Focus on Math Early On

In the past, it wasn't uncommon for students to enter kindergarten with the most basic of academic skills. However, the times have changed and students now enter school with more developed skills. One area that you should concentrate on introducing your child to early on is math. Below is some information about why early math skills are an absolute must.

Math Skills Lead to Success

It may come as no surprise to learn that teaching your child math skills early on can help them develop a strong math foundation. They will be able to build on this much more easily with new skills once they enter school. It's because of this that a strong math foundation is a great predictor of future math achievements. However, what may surprise you is that an early math foundation can also lead to higher achievement in other subjects, like literacy and reading.

Life Beyond School

While higher success rates in math and literacy are great, an early math foundation doesn't just positively affect a student's academic achievements. Developing math skills early on in life can also lead individuals to do well in the labor market.

Where to Start Your Child's Math Journey

If you want to ensure your child starts their math journey off well, introduce math at home. Have your child practice their numbers and counting, but don't stop there. Number sense is crucial for a strong foundation so be sure your child is able to assign values to the numbers they're learning. You can practice simple addition and subtraction, demonstrating these skills with their toys.

Math Tutoring in Hoover, AL

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