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Many parents don't start discussing and introducing their children to the idea of college until they are in high school. Late is better than never, but keep in mind that focusing on this at a younger age can provide your child with key advantages on their journey to college acceptance.

The Younger You Introduce Your Child to the Idea of College the Better

Although high school is the perfect time to reinforce the idea of college and help your child sort out their career choices, the idea of college and encouragement to attend should start much earlier than this. Ideally, you should start actively introducing your child to college between third and fifth grade. This is the perfect time to help them develop a motivating desire to go to college. It is also the perfect time to help them get a good head start on their path to being college-bound.

Why Start Talking to Your Child About College at a Young Age

  • It encourages them to view college with a a can-do attitude.
  • It also helps them start taking the right action steps that will help them turn college into a reality.
  • By talking to your child about college and the amazing experience it can be, you can turn this into a decision instead of a choice.
  • Making college something they can look forward to can also encourage them to put in extra effort and work hard in school today so they can go to college tomorrow.

Make College a Reality with Tutoring in Hoover AL

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