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Help with Composition: The Parts of an Essay

An essay consists of three basic parts- an introduction, the body, and the conclusion. Each section plays an important role. This article will tell you how to structure an essay so you have all the pieces performing their role.


The first element of an essay is the introduction. It is three to five sentences long, including a brief overview of your topic and your thesis statement. Because it is a summary of what you will say in your essay, you should write it after you've written the body.


The body is the meat of your essay. It backs up your thesis statement with supporting evidence. Each paragraph should be a separate idea or argument. You should have either three paragraphs of five sentences each or two paragraphs of seven sentences, depending on the approach you take. For example, if you are presenting two sides of an argument, you should have two paragraphs explaining them. If you present a counterargument, add a third paragraph. When only presenting one side of an argument, you will likely want three paragraphs to put forward more supporting points.


The end of the essay is the conclusion. Use it to restate the introduction in different words. Remind the reader what the problem or ideas were and reiterate your thesis statement. To help remember each of these sections, think of an essay structure as so- first, tell them what you are going to tell them (introduction), then tell them (body), and finally, tell them what you've told them (conclusion).

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