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How to Write a Great Essay

Writing the dreaded five-paragraph essay doesn't have to be hard. In fact, with a bit of preparation, it may even be easy. Help your child tackle their essays much more easily with these simple essay writing tips.

Answer the Prompt

A recurring issue for many students is that they don't quite answer the essay prompt. They may start with a clear idea that does answer the prompt, but as they write, their point may get lost. In order to avoid this, have your student answer the prompt in basic terms. They can then turn this answer into a more specific thesis. Once they have their thesis, ask them for the supporting evidence that will strengthen their argument. The supporting evidence can be used to form body paragraphs that will stay on topic, ensuring their answer doesn't get lost while writing.

Get Specific

Remind your child to be as specific as possible when writing since this can help strengthen their argument even more. Teach your child to avoid vague statements or information without a source. Finding the specifics may be more work, but it will also help your child produce great essays they can be proud of.

Proofread and Edit

Once your child has finished writing their conclusion, they're almost done. Have them take a break from their essay and then have them go back to it later for proofreading. Once they're satisfied with the work they've produced, encourage your child to have some of their friends read their essay. Their friends may find proofreading errors and can also give valuable feedback to help your child improve their work further.

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